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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Phryne Fisher Novels

The Good Place

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
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In happy, non- job or hair related news, I am going to VidUkon again this year, and I'm looking for a roommate or two. I arrive Friday and leave Sunday. Anyone have space?
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So my upstairs window just exploded. I did not know windows could do that. It is two panes of glass and only the inner layer burst - the outer layer isn't even cracked. But the inner layer very dramatically shattered while I was eating dinner, making a huge boom and raining glass down through my drying laundry and the spiral staircase to clatter onto my living room floor.

I've just finished over two hours of cleaning and I am now having a beer, watching Arrow, and eyeing all the rest of my windows suspiciously. My landlord says it can't be fixed until later in the week and that he's "not liable" so there might be a fight on the horizon over who pays to fix an exploding window.
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Dear Beleaguered Yuletide Writer,

I'm very sorry the remainder of this letter is so late - do feel free to ignore it completely - that would be completely understandable. But if you would like a few more ideas, here are my further thoughts on my four prompts:

General likes: politics, historical detail, unconventional relationships that uniquely suit the people in them. I'm more than ok with slash, het, femslash, 0T3s - all of it, at any level of explicitness. But if that's not your thing, a gen story further exploring any of these tiny fandoms will also make me happy.

Le Pacte des Loups | Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) )

Chocolat - Joanne Harris  )

Wire in the Blood )

Elementary (TV) )


Oct. 19th, 2013 11:25 am
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I will have more information for you very soon! But until then, here are links to my previous Yuletide letters, since I ask for mostly the same things every year:

2012 - Wire in the Blood, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Casino Royale, Joanne Harris

2011 - Links to previous years, Wire in the Blood, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Casino Royale, Lost Girl
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Hi Everyone,

I'm VJing a vidshow for Vidukon on the themes of bisexual desire/relationships, and poly desire/relationships. If you have favorite vids in either of these categories, please point me to them!
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For the last year or more I've been working on a crazy article comparing Lady Gaga to the crash in the derivatives market. Thanks to many of you who read drafts and helped translate what makes sense in my brain to something that would make sense on the page, it's now been published in the peer-reviewed, but free and open academic journal NECSUS.

My article is available here: MP3s, Rebundled Debt, and Performative Economics: Deferral, derivatives, and digital commodity fetishism in Lady Gaga’s spectacle of excess

Here is the whole Autumn issue on Tangibility

I welcome and comments, questions and critiques here or by e-mail.
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Thank you for writing for me! I so appreciate your work on one of these neglected little fandoms and whatever you write, I cannot wait to read more about these stories and people. If you want freedom, feel free to explore, safe in the knowledge that I will appreciate your story no matter what. If you want more direction, read on:

Since I tend to request a lot of the same fandoms over time, here are my previous Yuletide letters, many with very detailed information on how I generally see these characters:

99 Kinks Meme

And this year's two cents )

That's it - Thanks again and I hope that you enjoy exploring these story worlds as much as I'm looking forward to reading in them again!
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By way of [personal profile] heresluck:

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of. (I also put *s around the ones I used to have, used all the time, miss, and couldn't bring with me to Amsterdam)

I wonder how many pasta machines, breadmakers, juicers, blenders, deep fat fryers, egg boilers, melon ballers, sandwich makers, *pastry brushes*, cheese knives, electric woks, miniature salad spinners, griddle pans, jam funnels, meat thermometers, filleting knives, egg poachers, cake stands, garlic crushers, margarita glasses, tea strainers, bamboo steamers, pizza stones, coffee grinders, milk frothers, piping bags, banana stands, fluted pastry wheels, tagine dishes, conical strainers, rice cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, *slow cookers*, spaetzle makers, cookie presses, gravy strainers, double boilers (bains marie), sukiyaki stoves, ice cream makers, fondue sets, potato ricers, *creme brulee torches*, miniature food processors, bundt pans, *angel food cake pans*, *fluted tart pans*, mandolines, and waffle makers languish dustily at the back of the nation's cupboards.

Other kitchen oddities I love and use all the time: custard cups, tea pots, electric kettle, tea bag holders, mini spring-form pans
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Sorry for the delay, Yuletide writer! First, let me just thank you for writing a story for me in one of these small fandoms. They need all the love they can get, and your story will brighten my day no matter what because it is such a gift to have something special to read in a fandom for which there is so little. Thank you!

However, if you would like some specific ideas and guidance, read on )

So, the main message here is that I am so very grateful to have someone writing for me! I appreciate all the time and effort you will put into this story, and I will love it no matter what :) Happy Yuletide!
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I've been a little out of sorts with food since I got here, bouncing between the joy of discovering Dutch cheese and yoghurt, and the frustrations of new stores, new ingredients, new pans, and a teeny tiny oven. I've ended up in a bit of a rut, mostly eating a number of variations on pastas and sandwiches that involve eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and basil - which is delicious, but rapidly loosing its charm.

So tonight I made curried cauliflower with potatoes and pomegranate, and it was wonderful. There's just something whimsical and decadent about pomegranates. They feel like such a treat.

Recipe Here )
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Ok, I have purchased a smartphone running android. Any suggestions for must-have aps?
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I didn't know Sandy well, but she touched me deeply and I will miss her.

All my love to those mourning her loss.
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I have been enjoying summer back at home. Things are still quite busy as I'm trying to reconnect with all my family and friends here all at once, while also squaring away a million little details of the move. We've gone on a number of surprisingly fun and harmonious family trips up North and to the zoo, among other places, and I've gone to the farmers' market nearly every weekend, which has been lovely.

And, of course, I'm cooking quite a bit.

Because it's summer and it's unbelievably hot out at the moment, lets talk about ice cream.

I adore my ice cream maker, and some of my very favorite summer places around the cities (Grand Ole Creamery, Crema, Sebastian Joe's), and in France (l'Art Glacier) are ice cream shops.

So here are some of the ice cream recipes I've been making and enjoying lately :)

Lavender Ice Cream )

Salted Caramel Ice Cream )

Sweet Corn Ice Cream )

Bittersweet Chocolate-Cherry Sorbet )

Gazpacho with Basil Sorbet )

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Just saw the VividCon membership announcement and *Sadness* I will not be able to go this year! For the best of reasons as I will already be in Amsterdam by then, but It feels very strange and empty to not go for the first time in ... 7 years? 8 years? A *long* time! I will miss you all fiercely in August - please dance a little harder, squee a little longer, and smile a little wider for me.
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Please rec me slashy or otherwise queer (broadly defined) vids to music in the top 40 of the last two years. I am particularly looking for Lady Gaga and/or Ke$ha (sp? Can you incorrectly spell something spelled so egregiously?). Also, I am looking for accessible source, but that's negotiable. However, I already have vids for the following fandoms, and I'm trying not to repeat: Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Merlin, Star Trek, Highlander, Xena, Smallville, White Collar, Stargate: Atlantis, Lord of the Rings, Sara Connor Chronicles, Harry Potter, Buffy, Hercules.

So, top 40 music to none of those fandoms - if anyone has an awesome Inception/Dark Knight slash vid to Bad Romance, that would be perfect.

So, nothing too difficult, then ;p
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I am so very sorry for not putting this up earlier! And for continuing to cop out, really, because I'm not actually going to write a full letter this year.

First off, let me just assure you that if you've already started or finished a story for me, I will love and adore it no matter what because I am so excited to read a story in one of these underserved fandoms - that it's a present for me just makes it so much more special.

However, if you would still like some guidance, I'm going to refer you to Last Year's Yuletide Letter, my 2008 Yuletide Letter, as well as my 99 Kinks Meme because my tastes really haven't changed much and I've been waiting for the perfect moment to draft this year's letter, but finally accepted that there will be no time between now and the deadline when my life won't be completely crazy.

Thank you!
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I am currently traveling and will post a letter as soon as possible.
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Happy birthday and belated birthday to [ profile] arallara, [ profile] wickedwords, and [ profile] sherrold!
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So, many of you may remember the blow-up a few weeks ago about medical research which surgically intervened to "normalize" the shape and size of the clitoris/"micro-penis" in underage girls, followed by the use of vibrators to measure the girls' level of retained genital sensation. There was tremendous outcry and disgust, followed by a few posts by people with medical credentials or background claiming that this wasn't any big deal because the children involved in the study were intersex and this treatment is considered medical best practice.

The moment for this post may have passed, or this may be a better time now that a rest has cooled tempers a bit. Either way, I feel like these are useful resources, and a topic that deserves to be talked about more openly and often.

I'm going to start by saying that I am not an expert, but someone with a combination of relevant personal and professional experience. Most of the classes I teach include a unit on intersex studies and activism, but I don't consider myself a specialist and I am not an intersexed person. This post attempts to do two things: first, to summarize and share autobiographical and scholarly resources on intersexed lives and issues, outside of f-lock where I've posted such resources before, and secondly, to provide some personal context because it's often most useful to think about social issues when there are names and faces and lives attached, but no individual intersexed person should be responsible for laying their life under the microscope so that other people can poke and prod and judge, and hopefully learn and grow.

So first, the story. )

Ok, so, resources. I'm not going to editorialize a lot because I think in this case the best course of action is to educate yourself by reading a variety of accounts. However, I would like to say a few things. )

So, the articles:

Intersex Scholarship and Activism - Just a few things I've used in class as a starter guide.

Third Gender Anthropology - This includes intersexed people as well as others who various cultures categorize as neither male nor female.

Some relevant queer theory as background and a philosophical foundation.

I am open to discussing these articles and interested if other people would like to share additional resources. I will happily further explain my thoughts and further talk through the issues I've raised here as long as the discussion remains respectful of the actual people involved. I hope that people find these articles useful.
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