Dec. 30th, 2014

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My article, "Seriality and Transmediality in the Fan Multiverse: Flexible and Multiple Narrative Structures in Fan Fiction, Art, and Vids" was just published by TV/Series. It's a free, open access journal, so anyone can follow the link - feel free to link, distribute, and pass it on. As always, I'm very happy to hear all comments and questions, so please drop me a note here, or by email.

Very special thanks on this one to all the vidders and fic authors who gave me permission to screen and discuss their work, both in the article and when I gave this paper as a talk in Paris, the UK, and Canada. And another special thanks to SGA fandom, for celebrating what was fun and silly and crazy about the show, and being so very much better and more complex than what was repetitive and slapdash about the show. All of you gave me many years of joy and lots to think about.

I wrote this piece for the Transmedia Serial Narration seminar and research group to fit the session's themes, but ended up finding the combination of seriality and transmedia a really fruitful framework for thinking about fandom. I'm very excited about this piece and hope to follow it up with more pieces talking about what fan works do in terms of structure and storytelling that really sets them apart. I think I was able to start explaining some things about how fan works are distributed and how the community collectively imbues fan works with meaning over time without a completely shared core narrative or cannon through this really flexible negotiation between personal interpretation and collective themes and genres - in a way that I really struggled with before. I don't think it's perfect yet in this article, but hopefully it may be the start of a conversation.

See the rest of the issue here.

TLDR: Thank You Fandom!


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