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Dear Beleaguered Yuletide Writer,

I'm very sorry the remainder of this letter is so late - do feel free to ignore it completely - that would be completely understandable. But if you would like a few more ideas, here are my further thoughts on my four prompts:

General likes: politics, historical detail, unconventional relationships that uniquely suit the people in them. I'm more than ok with slash, het, femslash, 0T3s - all of it, at any level of explicitness. But if that's not your thing, a gen story further exploring any of these tiny fandoms will also make me happy.

Le Pacte des Loups | Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

The core of my love for this film is the relationship between Mani and Fronsac. I always want more explanation of how they forged such a strong bond despite the war and the colonial system of power that separates them. I can't believe that Mani dies in the film and spend a considerable amount of time daydreaming about how that might be fixed.

Chocolat - Joanne Harris

I move frequently and travel a lot, and this movie travels with me. It inspires me to pass through the world with passion, magic, and joy, and to want to share flavors and experiences with others. And the food! I'm a huge foodie, so the film and books perfectly unite my love of travel, France, and decadent foods :)

Wire in the Blood

Tony's psychology is the star of this show for me, and I am fascinated by the gaps between his ability to understand others so well, and his inability to understand many social cues or himself. I find it particularly interesting how much less self-aware TV Tony is than book Tony. But overall, I just really want him to somehow be happier than Val or the show let him be - with Carol, Paula, Alex, or some poly combination thereof - or by himself with some greater sense of self-awareness and peace.

Elementary (TV)

I'm a very longstanding Holmes fan (stories, films, Granada series, etc), and I adore Elementary's reinterpretation. I'm particularly fascinated by how Liu's casting changes so many of the social dynamics of the original - she requires that Holmes deal much more directly and intimately with a type of person the original character treated as very alien - women and people of color. I also love the revolving cast of secondary characters who provide Elementary's New York with such complexity - Alfredo, Mrs Hudson, Clyde :) Romance isn't as important to me in an Elementary story, although I can easily read Holmes and Warson as shippy/sexual and would enjoy that - however, I don't prefer a strictly BDSM relationship for them - despite Holmes preferences in the show, I think their relationship wouldn't suit that power dynamic. My favorite thing about them is how emotionally intimate their relationship has become, and how much Holmes clearly wants and needs that, almost in spite of himself - the arc of an average episode seems to be: Sherlock does something to undermine his relationship with Watson, Watson calls him on it, Sherlock protests but feels increasingly bad about it, and finally, Sherlock makes a subtle but nonetheless emotionally dramatic gesture to reinforce their bond/apologize/show Watson he values her. That is like catnip to me. Although it might also be interesting to shake up that sequence and see how they would both react if Watson accidentally did something that seriously hurt Sherlock.
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