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Sorry for the delay, Yuletide writer! First, let me just thank you for writing a story for me in one of these small fandoms. They need all the love they can get, and your story will brighten my day no matter what because it is such a gift to have something special to read in a fandom for which there is so little. Thank you!

However, if you would like some specific ideas and guidance, read on.

In general, you may want to check out my 99 kinks meme because I still love all those things, and my previous Yuletide letters which include a lot of information on characterizations that I enjoy and so on: 2009- Wire in the Blood, Casino Royale and 2008- Wire in the Blood, Casino Royale, Brotherhood of the Wolf

Lost Girl

Original prompt: Bo, Kenzi, Lauren. F/F, please, but I love all of these women and friendship fic would be great as well.

These ladies rock my world. Anything you write about them I will probably adore. I would really like to see Bo and Lauren happy together - after lots of angst possibly, but happy in the end - or Bo and Kenzi exploring or deepening their friendship. If you're up for it, I would totally love to have the nitty gritty on succubus sex ;) In terms of the show's mythology, I am most interested in the way the Fae world is situated within a human city, so something about the connections between Fae Toronto and human Toronto would be interesting - but only if that suits the story you want to write.

This totally wasn't in my original prompt and you can completely take it or leave it, but after the bodyswap ep, I'd love to read some Kenzi/Dyson or Kenzi/Hale, possibly as a secondary pairing.

Wire in the Blood

Original prompt: Tony, Carol, Paula. Tony's psychology is the most interesting thing about the show for me, so something dealing with that would be wonderful. Beyond that, any grouping of pairings would be great (Carol/Tony, Tony/Paula, Tony/Carol/Paula, Carol/Paula with Tony reflecting on their relationship). Friendship fic or case file fic would make me happy as well.

My last two Yuletide letters cover this pretty thoroughly - it's all about Tony until it's not. I'm really interested in what it would take for Tony to have a successful (but far from usual) sexual relationship. But in general, I would just love someone to show me what is going on inside his complicated, frustrating, self-undermining little head. However, I also don't want to see his partner - whoever you see that being - have to make all the sacrifices and do all the caretaking in the relationship. Something I think we see through the six seasons of the show is Tony slowly maturing to the point that he could start making an effort to occasionally take care of someone else and I would really love to see that growth pay off.

Alternately, Paula was a lesbian in the books although that's never really explored in the series, so I can read her in the show as bisexual or lesbian, and pair her either with Tony or Carol - or both. I think she's a fantastic foil for either of them because in the show their relationship is so stuck in a holding pattern right up until Carol presumably gives up and leaves. I think adding Paula to that mix could become a catalyst to finally push them to express their desires - either with Tony after Carol leaves, with them both together, or with Carol in the case that Tony really isn't ever going to be ready for a full adult relationship and she needs to move on.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Original prompt: Mani, Fronsac, Marianne. I love, love, love Mani/Fronsac - that's the center of the story for me, preferably in a relationship, or something that really explores the depths of their friendship. I would also love Fronsac/Mani/Marianne.

What stands out the most to me in my memory of the film is the richness of the colors and textures on screen. Part of what makes this such a delightful story to explore is the sensuality of the setting. I also love that because this was such a crazy, mixed up cluster of ideas, there are numerous directions to take off from. I'm particularly interested in a story that further explores the historical setting and in particular Mani and Fronsac's relationship as it emerged from the violence of colonialism. I'm a complete Mani's death denialist, so feel free to set the story after the film and include Mani alive. I would love to see Fronsac, Mani, and Marianne all alive and together at the end of the film, sorting out their relationships to each other. Fronsac/Mani is the most intimate relationship of the film to me, so while I do think Fronsac's feelings for Marianne are real and important, I wouldn't want that relationship to come at the expense of Mani/Fronsac - it would have to build upon it. However, you could also go backwards and look at Mani and Fronsac in New France, or as they settle into Paris/Versailles. Something from Mani's POV about coming to France could be fascinating, although it would be very delicate to avoid turning him into a cliche. For more, also see my previous letter.

Casino Royale Verse

Original prompt: Bond/M. I love M's effortless power and authority. And Mr. Bond loves rubbing right up against it.

Oh, Mr. Bond. Just when you think you have everything and everyone under control, there is one woman who will never give into you - you'll always give into her because she knows where you come from. You'll do anything for her and you'll like it ;)

I love, love, love Bond/M. I've covered this pretty extensively in my previous two letters, and my Quantum of Solace Review. In general, though, my two favorite things about this Bond verse are how seriously and critically it represents global politics, and tiny swim shorts- er, the emphasis on Bond's humanity, vulnerability, and emotional capacity. As the franchise continues on and Bond leaves Vesper further behind him, M is going to be the only person around him who really has his number- knows that most of his life is a facade and knows how to connect with the fear and need buried deep inside of him. Usually she channels that for the state, but she could use it to do ... any number of things with him :) Conversely, while I do like to see M emphatically in charge, I also loved that in Quantum of Solace we see just how willing Bond is to go the distance for M, and it would also be nice to see him expressing that devotion in other ways - both large and small. For example, both of them using their *super spy skills* to hide/detect M's real birthday could be both hilarious and touching. But I think in their business sincere affection is both part of the system of power/dominance/control, and the most precious thing in the world.

So, the main message here is that I am so very grateful to have someone writing for me! I appreciate all the time and effort you will put into this story, and I will love it no matter what :) Happy Yuletide!
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